Frequently Asked Questions

What is therapy?

Therapy aims to help people develop insight into their problems and identify resources within themselves which they can use to cope more effectively with their situation.

What happens in therapy?

Therapists provide a safe and supportive relationship, in a confidential space where clients can freely voice their feelings. Therapists are non-judgmental and impartial, actively listening to worries and concerns to support clients to a deeper understanding in order to find a way forward. Therapists will ask questions and be curious to understand the client well. Therapists have the same goal in mind, to support a client to make continual progress to ensure restoration of the client’s well bei

Therapists may liaise with Doctors, Hospitals and other professionals to ensure the quality of a client’s care is maintained. In some cases Group Therapy may be offered to a client, if it is felt the individual would benefit from this form of therapeutic experience.
There is also a one off Group see separate information.